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Welcome and thank you for wanting to find out more about me and what I do. Let’s get straight to it!


What excites and inspires me is awakening to all that we human beings really are, evolving our collective consciousness and celebrating our connection to all life in the cosmos.  


What brings me joy is the adventure that is this lifetime, my deep love and gratitude for the people who are sharing it with me and the wonderful, beautiful, abundant, loving planet we call home.


I have coddiwompled (my current favourite word, look it up) my way to who I am now. Experiences so far have included a successful nursing career, full time motherhood, supporting children with ‘special educational needs’, massage, reflexology, reiki healing practitioner and life coach.


I qualified as a life coach over 15 years ago and have been growing and developing my skills since.


Is what I offer now coaching? Not purely. My clients receive my unique blend of coaching skills, wisdom, intuitive energy work, tips, tools, exercises and practices I have collected and developed over the years.


You are here to be YOU in all your wonderful, unique, glory. We all have within us all that we need, to be all that we came here to be. Sometimes we need support to unlock that which we can sense but not access.  I can help you do that.


I love supporting women and do so in many ways – 1:1 coaching, mentoring, workshops, one day events, residential retreats – across the globe.


My latest adventure is creating Birdham Bear to inspire children to remember who they are and not lose their sense of self as they grow up. I want all children to know what makes them unique, find their authentic voice and grow up being all they came here to be.

Curious? Ready for what's next for you? Think coaching might be for you? Want to know more? Contact me.

Details of my next event for women:



   A day for women - A day for you


Step off the treadmill and think about nothing but yourself for a whole day


Rekindle the most important relationship in your life.

YOU have always been the answer you’ve been looking for. YOU are so much more than you know and I can guide and support you to start to remember who you really are. Let me take you on a magical mystery tour of … YOU!

This high energy, fun day will include guided visualisation, group discussion, written exercises,  the wisdom of Birdham Bear and whatever else wants to happen in the moment.

You will:

Discover the true power of  practicing RADICAL SELF-CARE

Learn to listen to your heart again

Be challenged, laugh, have fun and fall in love with yourself

Take away practices to incorporate into the rest of your life – this is not just a soon to be forgotten, one off moment

When: Saturday 8th February 2020  

Where: Birdham, Chichester

Who: Lynne Healy, intuitive life coach, light worker and children’s author

Investment: £95 to include refreshments, lunch and a quality goody bag

Tickets: email me 



“Lynne,  I really don’t know where to begin … there are so many words that spring to mind to describe the day like 'humbling, moving, emotional, unifying, supportive” MM West Sussex


“Thank you very much for this very amazing day for me. I feel reconnected to a way of being I was letting go of - acceptance and contentment …. this gives me the opportunity to be truly happy not just coping. I want to keep the inspiration of this absolutely incredible and amazing day I shared with you forever …” VP, London

"Lynne has helped me to find the switch to my guiding light that was being hidden in the bushels" JE London


"I attended Lynne's Vibrant Women event and to my utter surprise, I had a really brilliant day! I always thought "I don't think I'll get much benefit from that sort of event" I am delighted to have been proved wrong!" BP London

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